Paralyse's Guide to Killing Big Mobs in Groups

Author: paralyse
Created: 8th April 2005
Last update: 28 February 2006

Table of Contents

I. Classes' roles in grouping

    a. Jedi
        1. Jedi Master
        2. Defender

    b. Sith
        1. Sith Lord
        2. Emperor's Hand

    c. Mercenary
        1. Commando
        2. Body Guard

    d. Smuggler
        1. Swindler
        2. Pirate

    e. Technician
        1. Inventor
        2. Droid

    f. Bounty Hunter
        1. Cyborg
        2. Assassin

II. Special situations:

    a. !magic room
    b. Tunnel room
    c. !exits room

III. Group composition

IV. Two or mobs in one room

V. Group Etiquette

I. Classes' roles in grouping

The aim of this section is to explain the most effective way to use each subguild in your group.

A. Jedi Knights

Generally speaking, Jedi Knights are one of the most critical members of any party. Without Jedi, your group is entirely dependent on resting or sleeping to recover hit points, and the mob you're fighting is much more likely to regen them faster than you ever will. Don't waste sanc on anyone but yourself, no matter how much they whine, if antisanc is available as an alternative. The more damage your group does, the less your group will take. Use sleep on assisters when possible.

    1. Jedi Master

People who can help with this class: Balyn, Yrsai, Neko, Hamkaas, Esmay

        - Place in the middle of the group. If they are not tanking, they don't need to fight at all -- leave them meditating in a safe room.

        - If the mob is evil, Sunburst can be an extremely effective skill for your group. Have the Jedi Master go in alone or with another Jedi to peace in case of emergency, and sunburst the mob.

        - Redirect (level 100 JMs) if successful will cause buff mobs to miss a large number of attacks.

        - Get your alignment to max either via meditating or killing the Shriwirr a couple of times. This makes your healing more effective.

        - Heal the tanker of the group first before any other group members. If a groupie is badly injured but still alive, and the tanker is getting whomped, have the other person sit and regen until you get some spare mana. Corollary: Always heal a near-death party member in case they're afk or not paying attention to their HP levels!

        - Set up a peace trigger: poke you in the ribs, laugh at you, whatever; it will cast "peace" when done to you.

    2. Defender

People who can help with this class: Thgink, Ariadotis, Lowren, Sawen, Phazon, Gadwin, Charlie

        - If the mob blasts or has a lightsaber wielded, deflect means you'll be an excellent tanker, provided you are using saber combat.

        - Get your alignment to max either via an alignment well or killing the Shriwirr a couple of times. This makes your healing more effective, in addition to the heal bonus you already get!

        - Force Hold when you can diag the mob and it says pretty hurt or awful. Don't waste mana trying to FH a mob that's at big nasty unless you're REALLY confident of its max and current HP.

        - Don't slash a quest mob or a mob if they are wielding a weapon. When a mob wields a weapon their damage is often reduced greatly. (Update: As of January 2006 this is no longer true; mob damages are no longer affected by wielding a weapon...still, don't go slashing it off! Someone might want it!)

B. Sith

As a Sith your three primary roles in a group will be to deal damage, to antisanc/dark influence your party, and to procure controlled NPCs to help with tanking or damage. Low HP and sanc means Sith make rotten tanks. Make sure safemode is on before using any room attacks such as force storm.

    1. Sith Lord

People who can help with this class: Slavik, Inferno, Ritik, Sangdrax, Magnimoth, Kregin, Temlos

        - Dark tempest is a mana hog and relatively weak. Focus on destruction instead.

        - Don't waste mana on force storm unless you are clearing away a bunch of low-hp assisters.

        - Most buff mobs are !blind, don't waste mana on blind attempts.

        - Controlled NPCs are useful only if you can keep them from killing the rest of your group when they break free.

        - Antisanc is better than sanc in almost every situation unless the player is the tank. In that case, let them keep their sanc. Keep the rest of your group antisanced.

    2. Emperor's Hand

People who can help with this class: Gildo, Rizla, Zephon, Gatman

        - FoH is not suitable or practical for group use -- antisanc is almost always the better option for your fellow team members.

        - Essence transfer is nice but it's not going to turn you into a good tank. Leave that to the high-hp classes.

        - Brainwashing people in your group to save your own behind is poor taste and will probably get you pkilled.

        - Use fear to get rid of assisting or nearby aggr mobs, if possible.

C. Mercenary

Mercenaries exist to do damage and to take damage. Anything else is secondary to the nature of the class. Mercenaries make acceptable tanks but should not be in a group without antisanc unless they are tanking. Body guards are very nice to have for many buffer mobs and quest mobs since group retreat almost never fails and is extremely powerful.

    1. Commando

People who can help with this class: Zerozero, Farouk, Lobo, Kyd, Terilus, Norcimo

        - Don't go without antisanc unless you are tanking. If you are not tanking, use antisanc and offensive fighting, no ifs, ands, or buts.

        - If tanking use sanc+defensive with a good shield.

        - NEVER EVER EVER USE RETREAT if you are tanking. Use the Jedis to peace and let you walk out.

        - Don't try to sweep/bash buff mobs if they are not sweepable/bashable -- the resulting lag may mean the difference between a successful retreat and a trip to port.

        - Rally Cry your group members only when yours expires, so that you are not wasting mana casting it at 2 different times.

        - If you can get a blue and red aura mob together use riot, and run!

        - Be careful when using Rebellion as it can change the tank order against certain buffer critters.

    2. Body Guard

People who can help with this class: Devast, Gusty, Oni, Emma, Nor

        - If you can boost, you should tank, and take sanc. No exceptions unless it's a slashing mob and you have a high hp Defender grouped.

        - If you are not tanking make sure you are in combat so you can group retreat. IMMEDIATELY assist anyone who gets aggied and group retreat them!!!

        - If someone promotes you to lead and asks you to group retreat, then do so right away, not when you get around to it or feel like it!

        - If you are the tanker, do not group retreat if any member of your group is roped, stunned, swept, etc. They will not retreat with you and will probably die.

        - If you go into the room and a groupie gets aggied by the mob, attack the mob THEN group retreat.

        - People who need you to protect them in order to survive a couple rounds with Mob X don't need to be fighting Mob X in the first place.

        - Never Protect a lvl 80+ Defender. It's totally unnecessary unless they have less than 1k hp!

        - Push assisting mobs out as needed but DO IT SOLO without dragging the rest of your group into the room!

D. Smuggler

Useful for stealing keys, mostly, but also for trip stealing equipment. Poison is helpful in many quest groups to stop mobs from regenning so practice it well. Pick lock is another extremely useful skill!

    1. Swindler

People who can help with this class: Crimene, Melkor, Wen, Xaihe

        - Don't disarm a mob that is wielding a weapon. The wielded weapon reduces the mob's damage. (Update: Not the case anymore; see Defender above for explanation.)

        - Don't use escape if you are leading the group.

        - Be mindful of the lag imparted by a successful Trick. It can mean the difference between life and death.

    2. Pirate

People who can help with this class: Fzyrr

        - Don't waste energy trying to backstab buff mobs. The lag and damage you'll take will most likely kill you.

        - If it's a space quest, you may be the best tanker, especially if you're subbed FP or have no other spacers in your group.

E. Technician

Techs can help groups with droids, summoning and manufacturing. Most techs make bad tanks, even with force field/create double. MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT PLAYERS KNOW THEY ARE BEING SUMMONED to avoid some BAD situations!

    1. Inventor

People who can help with this class: Bes, Talus, Vixen, Vorador, Daeron, Wurth, Reed, Miate

        - Keep your group stocked with useful things like bacta pads and death dust or thermals instead of wasting your resources on invent.

        - Make sure everyone in your group has nosummon off so you can pass them out and/or summon them back. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!!!!

        - Disintegrate when possible. It reduces mobs' stats quite a bit and can help your group out tremendously.

        - Holo Field does not make you a good tanker automatically! But room holo field STACKS with other affects, making it a GREAT help for any group -- so save a room holo affect device if you find one.

    2. Droid

People who can help with this class: Enigami, Laton, Demar

        - Don't use create double in group combat. Just don't do it. Trust me. The doubles "rescue" you which screws up the group order, causing bad things to happen when the doubles die, such as your level 60 800-hp Sith getting chosen to tank by the mob instead of your 2500 hp Merc.

        - Created droids are helpful for extra damage but beware the combat spam; also, some group members might feel you're hogging exp from mob kills if your droids are getting kill shots on a regular basis...

        - Like Inventors, summoning is one of your best assets in any group or quest situation! So make sure you have enough mana to summon LOTS of people!

F. Bounty Hunter

Bounty hunters are capable of tanking, damage dealing or scouting areas, and often times a combination of all three of the above is required to be successful.

    1. Cyborg

People who can help with this class: Kenshi, Uraz, Eversor

        - Adapt, adapt, adapt. If you have adapt and sanc, and over 1500 hp, you should probably tank.

        - If not tanking, use cyber targeting, bio str, antisanc and offensive and watch stuff die.

        - Self repair eats mana. Let the Jedis heal you.

        - Blitz does a lot of damage but make sure you have enough mana/moves left to get out of nasty situations!

    2. Assassin

People who can help with this class: SenaTe, Nos, Kigospon, Raynn, Gaidh, Wyld

        - Use hostages (Massassi, etc) to take damage for you but keep them controlled. Watching your group get slaughtered when your Guardian Beast breaks free is a good way to make enemies in a hurry.

        - Take advantage of your skills in stealth to scout out areas for surprise ambushes and the like.

        - You can use stalk to escape from !magic rooms.

        - Killing blow is only effective when a mob's in Awful condition. Don't rely on it to save you if your HP is low; more often than not, you'll die before the mob.

        - Snipe is pretty useless vs. most buff mobs unless you have poison cartridges.

        - Don't vanish if you are tanking. Let the Jedis peace. Vanish fails way too much compared to peace or retreat!

II. Special situations

    a. !magic rooms

If the mob is in a !magic room and there is a nearby room that's not !magic, sit your Jedis and Sith in the nearby room and have them rest/meditate. Any merc with frenzy/rage but not group or regular retreat needs to sit out because they have no escape routes from !magic rooms, period. A Bodyguard with Group Retreat is THE MOST EFFECTIVE way to handle a buff mob in a !magic room. Alternatively, you can use high level players with retreat, escape or flee capabilities.

    b. Tunnel rooms

Send one tanker (high hp) and one damage dealer. Both need to be able to flee, escape, or retreat.

    c. !exits rooms

These are really tough. If it's not !magic then use passes to get out. If it's !magic and !exits take a VERY SMALL GROUP with you and have a Summoner (inventor/droid) waiting in a safe area. Use gt to tell them to summon your group out of combat when you get low on hp/mana.

III. Group composition

- I recommend you keep your groups as small as possible. Many quests have limited prizes and having too many indians/not enough chiefs will slow you down, get people killed, cost time, and lead to whining about prize selection.
- A group with a Level 100 Commando, Jedi Master, Defender, Inventor/Droid, Sith Lord, and BG is truly a thing of beauty and can easily kill anything in RotJ.
- People who are not contributing anything to your group don't need to be there. Period.
- If someone is excessively whiny or doing stupid/risky things and won't listen to orders, kick their ass out of the group before they get you or themselves killed.
- Put your highest hp non-tanker in the back of the group. Have everyone refollow until that person is last in the group list. This is called the "ass tank" position and takes the most damage other than the tanker.
- If fighting mobs that are Offensive, Defensive or Berserk, keep your weak members sitting out safely.
- Designate one person to hold all equipment and prizes. Designate another person to loot/recover players' corpses. DO NOT FIGHT ABOUT EQ DISTRIBUTION/WHO GETS WHAT PRIZE until the quest/kill is finished.
- Big groups (10+) are not necessarily the best way to go. The spam and confusion can be more dangerous than the mob you're fighting.
- The leader should know the area in question, no exceptions.
- Listen to people in your group if they have experience fighting Mob X.

IV. Two or more mobs in one room

- Split the tanking up between two players if possible.
- Have a Jedi who will not be tanking check first to see if the mobs are helper/aggr. If one mob is neither, leave it alone and kill the other one first!
- Kill the buffest mob first. The easier one is less likely to kill you if it aggies.
- See if one can be pushed out, slept, or blinded.

V. Group etiquette

- Give all recovered eq/items to the designated eq holder.
- Respect your leader at all times.
- Do not spam unnecessarily.
- Do not bring or wear anything you can't afford to lose (exp or eq.)
- If you disregard the above, DO NOT WHINE ABOUT SUBBERDEATH, PERIOD!
- Bring plenty of bread and water so you don't leech off others.
- Don't ask in advance if you can have Prize X or Item Y from a kill. Wait until everything's dead first.
- Be happy with whatever you get, exp, cash, prizes, or a learning experience. Sometimes the knowledge you get from a successful group kill will help you in ways far greater than a simple piece of eq.