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TIE Attack!
"TIEs coming in hot! Watch your six!"

Tie Fighter Attack

Revenge of the Jedi is a MUD (Multi User Dungeon) - an online, multiplayer role playing game based on the Star Wars movies and books. Build an identity for yourself...are you a female Rodian bounty hunter? Perhaps you're a male Sullustan Jedi Knight, or maybe a female Gungan Mercenary? The combinations are endless.
May the Force be with you (or the Dark Side, if you prefer...)

Revenge of the Jedi -- Top 50 MUD award: 2003 2004 2005 2006!

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Features of Revenge of the Jedi

- Heavily modified CircleMUD 3.0 codebase with tons of additions and unique features.
- Over 150 separate zones, consisting of more than 15,000 rooms.
- More than 10,000 NPCs (mobiles/mobs) and objects await your discovery.
- Multi-classing with 12+ distinct classes, available in three combinations each.
- Two sub-classes for each primary class.
- Over 15 unique races, each with advantages and intrinsics.
- DG scripting system for automated quests and greater player-MUD interaction.
- Concurrent code development on a test server to boost game stability and uptimes.
- Average of 20-30 players online during the day, with over 2,000 players registered.
- Rebel and Imperial factions with outposts, planetary control, and faction-based PvP.
- Clan system with clan houses and clan wars.
- Roleplay features such as faction ranks, separate comlink channels, titles, promotions, and more.
- Extensive help system accessible online or via the web site.
- Message board systems and integrated mail network online, and website-based forums for you to communicate offline.
- Fully customizable character attributes with attack/defense styles, weapon proficiencies, and trainable statistics.
- 100 level system for both land-based and Pilot classes with special Level 100 skills and spells.
- Player-accessible zone building utilities and player-created zones.
- Realistic space combat system with fully customizable ships, transport, cargo hauling, engineers, and more.
- Personal weapons, armor, and ships can be created via our automatic creation system.
- Items can be restrung (renamed to whatever you want.)

And best of all:

RotJ is 100% absolutely totally FREE for you to play!

This site is maintained by Paralyse, an Immortal on Revenge of the Jedi. Due to my being an immortal I can
no longer update information on equipment stats, death traps, etc. However, I will keep the slang file up to date, and post other announcements here, including new zones under development, messages from the Hill, and such.


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