Cantina Regulars

These are legendary people you see before you in the famous Mos Eisley Cantina. Respect them always!
Due to the continuously growing nature of RotJ, this page will probably get changed quite often as new events happen.

A Short Revenge Timeline

- December 12, 1995: Revenge of the Jedi oopened by players of the MUD Death's Domain. It was hosted
- (?) First purge. Levels increased to 30 from 20.
- (?) Second purge. Subguilds introduced. Space combat introduced.
- January, 1999: Third purge. First purge with Legend System.
- January, 2000: Fourth purge. Last purge with the Legend System.
- December, 2001: Fifth purge. Multiclassiing and new space combat introduced. Number of levels upped to 100.
- November, 2003: Sixth and current purge..

Hall of Fame - First Subbers Ever Member
------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------
Defender ?
Jedi Master Dust
Sith Lord Xanatos
Emperor's Hand ?
Pirate Astos
Swindler Vernok
Rebel ?
Bodyguard Dust
Stalker Rukh
Cyborg Cobak
Inventor Namous
Droid Splice


Immortal/Building Hall of Fame Member
------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------
First mortal to immort Gunny
First immortal to be deleted and re-immort Tox
First immortals to be promoted to Master Rial, Omicron
Original RotJ Masters Raistlin, Thor, Exar, and Thrawn
First zone built Mos Eisley (Thor)
Largest zones built Hoth (Raistlin), Deep Space (Kahn)


Legend Hall of Fame Members
------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------
First legend ever Obie
First level 10 legend Strider
First player to 1000 hp Strider


Miscellaneous Famous Feats Members
------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------
First clan (in RotJ history) ?
First pkiller ?
Highest damroll ever reached legally 70 (Strider)